Monday, September 3, 2012

So Today I'm Thirty

So today I'm thirty.  I've lived 10,592 days and most of another on this spinning top called Earth.  Several months back, I looked into a mirror and reflected on my last decade.  My twenties were, to me, a disappointment.  Not because my life was lacking, but because I knew looking into the mirror at that bearded, overweight, bespectacled man... I had underachieved.  I had taken my Potential Glass and only filled it part of the way.

I said then that I would do things differently in my thirties.  My goal was to look back at forty and believe that I had achieved all that I could achieve.  Not perfection, but saturation.  I spent the remaining months of my twenties figuring out how to solve some problems.  I knew I'd suffered from some emotional issues, but was very reluctant to seek help (lots of backstory there, but I'm saving it for a book one day :) ).  So, with the ever listening ear of my sweet wife, I started looking for ways to lessen the anxiety of life that seemed to overwhelm me at times.  By God's grace, I found a natural treatment that, at least over the course of the last several months, has completely changed my emotional state (also, lot's more to tell there, and I'll probably post about it one day).

Aside from my own emotional inconsistencies, my wife and I identified several other areas that we needed to change or work on in our lives.  Some of them were big, others small.  The big ones we've at least got behind us, so it's time to move forward.

And so I find myself on this first day of thirty with a list of goals for Decade Three, Year 1:
  1. Write a Fiction Novel
  2. Write a Non-Fiction Book
  3. Lose 60 lbs.
  4. Build a Website
  5. Build a Shed
  6. Prepare My Finances to Start My Own Business
  7. Build a Business Plan
  8. Be a Better CHFG (Christian / Husband / Father / Geek)
There we are.  An ambitious list of goals, but I've always been an ambitious person. :) 

Thank you Jesus for making me who I am.

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