Friday, October 5, 2012

Goal! Revised

I've been thirty for one month now.  I looked back on that month today.  I thought about my list of goals (said list is below, as previously seen in a previous blog post that occurred on a previous day where I had previously turned 30).  Here are the goals:

  1. Write a Fiction Novel
  2. Write a Non-Fiction Book
  3. Lose 60 lbs.
  4. Build a Website
  5. Build a Shed
  6. Prepare My Finances to Start My Own Business
  7. Build a Business Plan
  8. Be a Better CHFG (Christian / Husband / Father / Geek)
Upon further review, I was too ambitious.  I do not think I can properly focus on so many different items.  I'm one month down, and I've not made significant progress on anything besides #8, and that one is almost closer to a mantra than it is a defined goal.  So, I hereby declare the previous list of goals (I also declare myself the King of the word Previous) null and void, and will take my knife out and whittle them down to only 2:
  1. Write a Novel
  2. Lose 60 lbs.
Those are my two goals for this year of 30.  I am one month down and have some catch up on both of these.  Here's to the best year I've ever had!