Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Story Never Told

a voice I'll never know
a hand I'll never hold
a cry I'll never comfort
a story never told

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Setting of Failures

So, where was I?  I remember some goals, something about being thirty, and for some reason Darth Vader fighting Jean Luc Picard (which would be awesome, btw). It's been some time since I wrote here, and frankly some time since I wrote more than a couple of sentences. 

I was reading through my old posts, and I saw one from 2012 where I turned 30. I looked at the goals I had set and was confronted with failures. It reminded me why I might simply be done with goals of that type...

I've got a bug to write this morning. After seeing those goals, I was tempted to slant negative. However, I don't want to be negative, so instead I'll focus on some accomplishments and other positives so that the next time I go perusing the past it'll be more fun. 

- I got a new job. It pays more, challenges me more, and has better people to work with. 
- I yell less. I've learned to better control my emotions. I've learned to better understand the root causes. 
- I bought a new car. 
- I firmed my belief in God and my desire to be a Christian. 
- I learned a ton of new IT skills. 
- I redeveloped my gaming hobby and beat a video game. 
- I fixed a pipe. 
- I faced some really deep lows but never gave up. 
- I reconciled with some family members. 
- I flew a helicopter. ( it was a toy)

So as I look back and rethink hose goals from another me, I realize I didn't fail at them all. I succeeded in becoming a better Christian, husband, father, and geek. I think my mistake in setting goals has always been putting the proverbial cart before the horse. I focus on the product instead of the tools.