Friday, September 21, 2012

Marriage Raised to the Power of 2

Here is a quote from the Bible I've heard often in my lifetime:

"Where one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand."
The context being used typically for inciting the congregation to further zeal in spiritual warfare and/or the unity of the body.  Both true and noble pursuits.

But today I brought the statement home.  For three days my wife has been sick.  For three days I've attempted to be the Uber Geek I'm paid to be (and I should get bonus points on this article for using the word "Uber".  In fact, I hearby state that all uses of the word "Uber" in the correct context are valid for 20 CHFG points.  If you are now looking for how you use CHFG points, then you have obviously missed the witty satirical essence of this aside.  Or is it witty sarcasm...  I digress), Husband (the Biblical kind that treats his wife as Jesus did the church.  In other words, gives of himself for her), Mom (which for this family means Super Woman who cares for three children while teaching two of them (and somehow providing her needy husband with clean underwear and towels.), and Dad, which we all know is a bit of Captain America mixed with a lot of Superman. 

After three days of effort, I've barely moved my projects at work forward and had to miss all of today, my wife will have to speak for herself as to how good I've done at husbandry (the Biblical kind again, not the raising of livestock, lest my wife slap me), I had a large dishtowel to dry off after my morning shower today, and my wife pointed out that my son's outfit was the same that he had on yesterday.  And the day before that.  Sigh... and the day before that.  Second sigh... 

I felt low by today.  I was trying.  Really hard.  But it was like trying to blow a hole in a fortress wall with a small caliber handgun (I use the term "small caliber" here as a shroud to cover up my woeful lack of knowledge when it comes to guns.  I then mention the cover-up in a parenthetical statement because I'm addicted to parentheses.).  It'll make a dent, but that's about it.

I talked to my wife about my struggles.  She mentioned that I need her.  Yeah, I need her.  I need her because a marriage and a family is not a 1000 foe task.  It's a 10,000.  1 can make sure that the kids are fed, the cat's fed, that there is coffee for his wife in the morning, and that possibly nothing's burning at work.  But it takes a chord of two to tackle life and move it forward.  I need my wife.  She needs me.  And together, we will put 10,000 to flight, and subsequently provide all of our children with both food and a change of clothes.

P.S. After writing this, I proofread it before sending it to my wife, because usually she catches all kinds of mistakes.  I wanted to send her something polished.  She found 4 errors.  Yeah, I need her.

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