Monday, August 13, 2012

Word Games

My wife, daughter, and youngest son were all asleep, so that meant some time with my oldest boy.  We played some word games that he enjoyed.  I pass them along to you, dear reader, in hopes they are of use in your parental endeavors.
  • I would say half of a sentence and he'd finish it.  For example, "When I opened the door this morning..."  I was treated to aliens, monkeys, stuffed animals that made multiple animal noises, and bacon.  If you know my son, everything eventually comes back to bacon.  I can't blame him, and it makes me realize that I've indeed done something right raising him.
  • Reverse the last idea.  I let him start the sentence and I finished it.  This he really enjoyed, as it meant that he sort of got a "Once upon a time" story even though tonight we were reading from a book (which he doesn't like as much, but it gives my imagination a break :-) ).  I enjoyed it too because I still don't have to think much.  I love making up nonsense!
  • I said a word and he had to tell me what it meant without using the word again.  I wasn't sure if he'd like this one, but at the end he was asking for "just one more" word to define.  It was amazing watching the wheels spin in his head as he defined "fire", "sky", and "missile", among other things.
It was wonderful time together and helped us both practice thinking on our toes.  Hope you find them helpful.

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