Sunday, August 5, 2012

Smudges - A Bit of Prose

Do you wear glasses?  If you do, I bet you hate smudges.  I hate smudges.  Smudges at the bottom of my glasses are the worst.  I can tell it’s there, but only just.  Then I wipe, but I have to make sure that I use a clean cloth.  If I don’t, the oil from the cloth will rub onto the glasses and I’ll have even worse smudges.  There’s a specific way to get glasses really clean, too.  Starting with the cloth (don’t forget it has to be clean), you cup your hand around the lens, then holding the lens perpendicular to your mouth, “Haaaa” softly onto the lens so that both sides get moistened from your breath.  Then quickly rub the sides with the clean cloth.  You might have to do it several times.  My wife doesn’t use a clean cloth.  Her glasses don’t get clean.  I tried to tell her the cloth has to be oil-free.  She says I’m acting like I’m better than her.  I’m not better than her.  I told her that, but she doesn’t understand.  She gets upset, I get upset, the kids get upset.  Makes me tired. 
I was tired yesterday too on my way home from work.  I work in sales.  Don’t know why, because I’m not very good.  But I’m okay, so I make okay money, and the company gives me okay reviews, so I keep doing it.  I thought once about quitting.  Not quitting the job, but just to quit trying so they’d fire me.  Anyways, I was tired when I drove home, and I was getting sleepy when I went around the curve there at Knob Street.  That curve scared the living daylights out of me because I was dozing off a bit.  I came to right before it and everything was fine, but I could’ve died if I hadn’t come to.  I’ve never turned onto Knob Street.  I’ve driven that road 5,734 times.  Actually, 5,728.  They had it closed down for 6 days two years ago.  So, 5,728 times seeing Knob Street.  Knob Street curves itself behind some trees not far from the main road, so I don’t know what’s down it.  I can make out a blue house, and an RV parked outside.  There’s a basketball goal, and they let a trash can fill up every week.  The RV leaves once each summer and I can see the cars parked on the other side.  At first, there was a blue pickup and a green little sporty type car.  After 4 years, the car disappeared and a mini-van replaced it.  The mini-van has been replaced by other mini-vans and the truck by other trucks. 
The ditch along Knob Street is full of trash, mainly beer bottles.  It’ll get cleaned up every third Wednesday when the county convicts are out picking up the roadsides, but by the next month it’s dirty again.  I wonder if it’s the people in the blue house that cause all the trash.  I don’t know if there are any other houses to make the trash. 
Tomorrow will be the 5,729th time I go by Knob Street.  I might take a look at it.  It’d be fun.  But I just don’t know if I have the time, since I’ve got to get the yard mowed before seven.  Or maybe I’ll wait until next week.  I’ll probably have more time next week.  Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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