Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today, the password is...


Closely linked with consistency, I define stability as the state of being stable.  Yeah, I'm just deep like that.  Stable, as in not moving/changing a lot.  If you are standing on a bridge, or atop a tall building, stability is the fact that the thing only moves as much as is necessary.  The Golden Gate bridge sways, but only within the constraints of its purpose.  Anything outside of that purpose results in catastrophic disaster (I'm looking at you, disaster films).  The same concept applies to us.  We can't be rigid and unmoving.  If we are, we won't handle the pressures of life.  We'll crack and break instead of bending and swaying.  Bend and Sway!  Bend and Sway!  I'd make that my mantra, but it might sound a bit awkward in a corporate meeting room.

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